Kinesio Taping opens office in India
By Kate Slater | 02 August 2013

The Managing Director of North East based Kinesio UK, Kevin Anderson, opened a new Kinesio India office in Bangalore on 30 July. He will now also be Managing Director of Kinesio India.

Kinesio Taping, the brightly coloured therapeutic tape which helps muscle and joint injuries, is used all over the world, particularly by athletes. But as more research on the tape is becoming available, it is also increasingly being used in medical circles, particularly in paediatric and geriatric medicine, for non-obstetric aches and pains during pregnancy, for the treatment of lymphoedema and even tension headaches! A big surprise has been Kinesio's popularity in equine circles, with many racehorses and eventers now sporting the blue, pink or black stripes that help them to recover more quickly from injuries.

Although Kinesio Taping had been used in India for a few years, mainly in paediatric medicine, the population's interest in Kinesio Taping became widespread after the London Olympics 2012, which saw international athletes from over 120 countries in Kinesio colours, including members of the Indian team.

The day to day running of Kinesio India will be undertaken by Abhiya Gupta who is a physiotherapist, certified Kinesio Practitioner and lifelong member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

For the last three years, Abhiya has been running Kinesio Taping qualification courses all over India in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderbad and demand for courses has quadrupled since 2012.

And by request, in September this year, Abhiya will be running a Kinesio Taping course in Bangladesh for all of the Bangladesh Cricket Board physiotherapists!

Many Kinesio practitioners are already practising Kinesio Taping techniques with great success in India.

Dr Snehal Ganesh Deshpande is a Mumbai based physiotherapist and published author, highly renowned for her work throughout India in paediatrics and in particular with children with Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities.

One of her patients was baby Nilaya who had suffered a brachial plexus injury during birth. Nilaya had problems in her right shoulder, difficulties with her fingers and a complete paralysis of her thumb. Dr Deshpande used a strip of Kinesio cut into an inverted Y and placed it on to Nilaya's shoulder, inhibiting the over action of her trapezius muscle and framing her scapula to prevent winging. Kinesio tape was also used in four strips on the dorsal aspect of her hand to improve opening of her fingers and thumb. Nilaya can now use her hand perfectly, pick up toys and grasp objects.

Dr Deshpande says "Kinesio Taping is ideal for babies, as it is light and comfortable and doesn't restrict movement. After a muscle has been appropriately worked upon and the correction in alignment has been achieved, applying Kinesio tape helps the patient to maintain the corrected alignment and activates the taped muscle in its optimal position. It's very effective, non allergic and easy to use".

Physiotherapist Abhiya Gupta says: "I am so pleased that we're finally opening the Kinesio India office as interest has been very high indeed across the country. I'm now looking forward to our first year when we'll be rolling out more courses than ever to meet the demand from therapists and physios."

Kevin Anderson says: "The opening of the Kinesio India office is fantastic and I'm delighted. The confirmation that Kinesio India had been officially set up was even sent on my birthday - 30 July! The success of Kinesio in the UK has been phenomenal but it's taken time to finally get health professionals on board. In India the medical profession as well as athletes seem to be very keen on it from the start which is great news. I will now be looking to recruit more staff in Bangalore to help Abhiya build up Kinesio India and I have no doubt it will go from strength to strength."

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